You should include Thassos island, on your summer vacation bucket list! Here are five plus one reasons to travel to Thassos island this summer:

1. Beautiful beaches: The island of Thassos is home to some of Greece’s most stunning beaches, featuring soft sand coasts and crystal-clear waters.

2. Natural beauty: The island offers a wonderful natural scenery that is ideal for trekking and exploring. It is covered in lush flora and bordered by pure blue waters.

3. Rich history: The ancient city of Limenaria is just one of the many archaeological sites on the Thassos island that can be explored.

4. Delicious food: Thassos island is a food lover’s paradise because to its mouthwatering fish and traditional Greek fare.

5. Environment Thassos Island’s laid-back environment and abundance of possibilities for rest and renewal make it the ideal destination to unwind and relax.

+1 Reasonably priced: Thassos island is a great vacation spot with lots of inexpensive lodging and activities.

This summer, don’t pass up the chance to enjoy everything Thassos Island has to offer. Discover why this beautiful island should be on your travel itinerary by making your reservation today.