Welcome to our peaceful haven in Thassos, where we are pleased to offer our stunning saltwater pool, one of the island’s most delightful and health-conscious swimming experiences. You’re going to be in for a pleasant surprise if you’ve only ever swum in conventionally treated pools. Let’s explore the factors that make our saltwater pool superior for both your health and swimming enjoyment.

Softer on Skin and Eyes: Our saltwater pool’s softness on skin and eyes is one of its most valued features. Our saltwater pool is far softer than chlorine pools, which can leave you feeling parched and irritated. The salinities are comparable to those of human tears, thereby significantly lessening the hot, uncomfortable eyes and rashy skin that are frequently brought on by chlorinated water. It is especially advantageous for visitors who have sensitive skin or allergies to chlorine.

Natural and Healthier Method: To maintain clean and sterilized water in our saltwater pool, we employ a natural process called electrolysis to produce chlorine from salt. Compared to standard pool water that is loaded with chemicals, this approach produces a lower, more steady level of chlorine, making the water gentler and healthier. This implies that you are swimming in water that is continuously and naturally cleaned, free of the overbearing odor and negative effects associated with traditional chlorine.

Relaxing and Healing Experience: The healing qualities of saltwater are well known. It’s a relaxing experience that’s not limited to swimming. After a day of touring Thassos’ breathtaking scenery, soaking in the water’s healing properties due to its salt content can relieve joint discomfort and inflammation.

Environmentally friendly: Our saltwater pool is a reflection of our dedication to protecting our stunning island. Compared to conventional chlorinated pools, it is more environmentally friendly. It is more environmentally friendly due to the natural salt and less chemical usage, which is consistent with our sustainable principles.

More Pleasurable Swimming Experience: A dip in a saltwater pool is surprisingly revitalizing. Our visitors frequently remark on how opulent the water feels, characterizing it as silky and smooth. One of the reasons many people like our pool is the improved swimming experience without having to worry about chlorine’s harsh effects on your hair and swimwear, you can spend more time in the pool practicing your stroke or just unwinding.

In conclusion, a key component of the distinctive experience we provide at our hotel in Thassos is our saltwater pool. It’s a carefully considered fusion of luxury, wellness, and environmental consciousness. Our saltwater pool is here to improve your stay, whether you’re searching for a mild swim, health benefits, or just a more pleasurable and natural swimming experience. Explore a world of distinction and feel our saltwater paradise’ calming embrace!