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Why Swimming in Our Saltwater Pool Is Better Than in Other Pools

Welcome to our peaceful haven in Thassos, where we are pleased to offer our stunning saltwater pool , one of the island's most delightful and health-conscious swimming experiences. You're going to be in for a pleasant surprise if you've only ever swum in conventionally treated pools. Let's explore the factors that make our saltwater [...]

Why Swimming in Our Saltwater Pool Is Better Than in Other Pools2024-01-15T12:12:37+00:00

Why Thassos Is the Ideal Location for Digital Nomads

In the era of digital nomadism and remote work, discovering the ideal location that combines business and play is like discovering a hidden gem. Aegean Sea island paradise Thassos presents itself as a dream destination for digital nomads. Here are five strong arguments for why people who want to mix productivity with paradise should [...]

Why Thassos Is the Ideal Location for Digital Nomads2024-01-03T19:08:28+00:00

How Rastoni remains sustainable

In Rastoni we care for the environment! Help us remain sustainable: Less Chemicals: Our saltwater pool uses electrolysis to keep the water safe and clear. This way not only we are reducing the overall use of chemicals in the pool by 80% but it is also more gentle to your skin. Renewable Energy: [...]

How Rastoni remains sustainable2023-06-14T07:04:57+00:00

5+1 reasons to travel to Thassos this summer!

You should include Thassos island, on your summer vacation bucket list! Here are five plus one reasons to travel to Thassos island this summer: Beautiful beaches: The island of Thassos is home to some of Greece's most stunning beaches, featuring soft sand coasts and crystal-clear waters. Natural beauty: The island offers a wonderful natural [...]

5+1 reasons to travel to Thassos this summer!2023-06-12T12:19:43+00:00

Welcome to our stunning island of Thassos!

Thassos, which is situated in the Aegean Sea's pristine seas, is the ideal vacation spot because it offers relaxation and rejuvenation. Our hotel has everything you need for an enjoyable vacation, including a selection of cozy and roomy guest rooms, all-local restaurants providing delectable local cuisine, and a range of recreational activities like a [...]

Welcome to our stunning island of Thassos!2023-06-12T12:19:44+00:00

5 Reasons Why Thassos, Greece is the Perfect Vacation Destination

Are you trying to find the ideal vacation spot? Look no further than Greece's Thassos! There are numerous benefits to visiting this stunning island in the northern Aegean Sea for your upcoming trip. Here are a few examples: 1.Beautiful Beaches Some of Greece's most magnificent beaches may be found on Thassos. There is a [...]

5 Reasons Why Thassos, Greece is the Perfect Vacation Destination2023-06-12T12:19:44+00:00

What to see in 3 days in Thassos?

The beautiful and yet relatively unpopular island of Thassos is located in the northern part of the Eastern Aegean Sea, opposite the prefecture of Kavala. Unlike other Aegean islands, Thassos has very lush vegetation thanks to its mountainous terrain. Source: Greece Travel Ideas 1. Giola Beach Giola Lagoon Giola beach is a small lagoon in the region of Astris [...]

What to see in 3 days in Thassos?2023-06-12T12:19:45+00:00

Top 10 Thassos

10 Best Things to Do in Thassos island A green island laid with pine forest and olive groves, Thassos is in the North Aegean and counts as part of East Macedonia and Thrace. Thassos doesn’t grab the headlines as it isn’t a high-octane party destination and isn’t peppered with ancient wonders. But what you [...]

Top 10 Thassos2023-06-12T12:19:45+00:00
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