The beautiful and yet relatively unpopular island of Thassos is located in the northern part of the Eastern Aegean Sea, opposite the prefecture of Kavala. Unlike other Aegean islands, Thassos has very lush vegetation thanks to its mountainous terrain.

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1. Giola Beach

Giola Lagoon -best beaches in Thassos
Giola Lagoon

Giola beach is a small lagoon in the region of Astris that looks exactly like a natural pool with green waters. It is a location of exquisite beauty, visit but quite a few nature-lovers who wish to dive into its peculiar formation. The rocks surrounding the pool create a natural wall of protection, some standing as high as 8 meters, and bathers use them to dive into the pristine pool.

The beach is located in the southern part of the island, near the village of Potos. The road to get there is rough, with stretches of it being dirt road, recommended for 4×4 or suitable vehicles only. To get to the exact lagoon, you would also have to descend from the spot where you’ll park your car. Giola beach is 2km off the main road.

The location is remote and no amenities are provided. Bring your snacks and refreshments, as well as beach equipment, if you wish to spend the day!

2. Marmara Beach (Saliara Beach)

Marmara Beach (Saliara Beach - Marble Beach) in Thassos best beaches
Marmara Beach

Marmaras beach or Marble beach has a tropical outlook, with white sand and pebbles the color and texture of pure marble, from which the beach also took its name. The white seabed and shore contrast with the seawater, creating an amazing emerald color.

The beach is located on the eastern part of the island, relatively close to the Port of Thassos, at 6km by car. To get there, you will head towards Makryammos, and once you reach a dirt road on your right hand, follow it and you will find the free road parking space.

The bay is isolated, but nowadays it is organized with a beach bar offering sunbeds, umbrellas, and everything a beach-goer could wish for. The magnificent beauty appeals to many recreational boats as well, who eagerly dock there to enjoy the shallow waters.

3. Aliki Beach

Aliki Beach in Thassos
Aliki Beach

One of the most unique landscapes of Thassos is Aliki beach. It is located in the southeastern part, with the ancient Marble quarry nearby, on the tip of the promontory. It is one of the most visited and loved beaches of Thassos, as its waters are protected by two natural harbors, calm and crystal-clear.

The easily accessible beach is split into two parts due to its morphology, and the western part is well-organized with taverns and beach bars offering all kinds of amenities, while the eastern part remains more isolated and better for those who enjoy freestyling. The shore is part pebbly part sandy, and there is a lot of free space on the eastern side.

The whole region has immense archaeological value, with two Paleochristian churches (basilicas) and the ancient remnants of the quarry. It is ideal for both hiking enthusiasts and snorkelers, as the seabed has a lot to offer!

Tip: Sunsets here are breathtaking! Don’t miss out on the opportunity if you plan to visit Aliki beach!

5. Paradise beach

Paradise beach - best beaches in Thassos
Paradise beach

One of the most popular beaches of Thassos, Paradise beach, and its exotic beauty are among the places you can’t miss when visiting the island. It owes its name to the thick lush vegetation, light blue shoal waters, and a sandy shore that looks like tropical heaven.

The beach is located near the village of Kinira, which is in the eastern part of the island and is approximately 22 km away from Limenas. It is organized with many facilities including beach bars, taverns, and sunbeds/chairs provided, as well as a beach volleyball court for sports enthusiasts.

There are easy road access and three parking spaces available, including road parking.

Tip: It used to be a nudist beach, so sometimes on the far sides of the unorganized part of the bay you will find naturists skinny-dipping.

8. Pachis Beach

Pachis Beach Thassos best beaches
Pachis Beach

Great contrasts of emerald, turquoise, and deep blue hues can be found in the waters of Pachis beach. Pachis beach is just 7km outside of Limenas and to the west, near Glyfoneri beach. It is surrounded by a thick pine forest, guaranteed to protect you from the sun and to offer coolness during the summer months.

The beach is fully organized, with umbrellas, sunbeds, and all necessary facilities, including parking spaces along the road, and great access by road. Its shoal waters are family-friendly and safe. The closest village is Skala Rachoni.

You can find accommodation in the area and nearby you can find other beaches for some beach-hopping.

10. La Scala

La Scala Beach in Thassos
La Scala Beach

Arguably the most visited beach on the island, La Scala is a luxurious sandy organized beach that retains its natural beauty, combined with many top-quality services. It is right outside Limenas, less than 5km away, and easily accessible by the main road Limenas-Skala Prinos.

The beach bar is high-class with reasonable fees according to your needs. Sunbeds and chairs are available to hire with the consumption of refreshments or food.

The surrounding nature offers shade and protection, and although it has many visitors and bathers, the waters are very clean and you can even find starfish if you snorkel.

11. Glifoneri Beach

Glifoneri Beach - best beaches in Thassos
Glifoneri Beach

This gulf near Pachis Beach looks right out of a fairy tale. It is situated north and 7km away from Limenas, but it looks way more isolated and virgin. The cove is so tiny it is almost non-existent, as the waters “lick” the rocky coastline in agreement with its name.

Nevertheless, the tiny beach is sandy, remote, and exquisite, as it overlooks shoal waters of the most emerald green. Gradually, after some meters, it deepens sharply. Recreational boats like to anchor here to enjoy the pristine coast.

At the back of the beach, you can find a seafood tavern with great cuisine and some amenities such as sunbeds and umbrellas, although the cove is hidden in thick pine trees, which make it almost invisible to the eye.

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